About Weddings

Weddings are enduring and important rituals in our culture, infused with meaning, symbolism and expectation. I am honored and a bit in awe at the privilege of being allowed to photograph such momentous and often intimate events.

For me, wedding photojournalism — in contrast to “traditional” wedding photography — is about creating a body of images that accurately, faithfully and exhaustively document the events of the day. I don’t direct people. I don’t say, “Stand here, do this, move there.” Sure I’ll do the handful of traditional posed shots, but typically I’ll get those out of the way in 10 or 15 minutes; nobody likes to pose on their wedding day.

People ask me how I capture the images I do; how I know where to be and when. I think it’s part instinct and part really paying attention. I’m unobtrusive, I am there to capture moments that others don’t see. I’ve spent my life paying attention…observing, noticing, seeing moments.

The images that people will look back on and say, “I remember how I felt then.” “I know exactly what she was thinking in that picture.” “I know that look, and how I felt when I saw it.” Those are the images that will stay with you. Those are the images your children and grandchildren will look at and realize that, yes, once upon a time, these two were young and in love.

what I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproducekarl lagerfeld

the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneityhenri cartier-bresson